The integrity of the management team is always important but necessary when you are building trust. The security growth industry seldom has the appropriate level of quality checks. In fact, although surprising, on more than one occasion, it would seem a few executives have been indicted. It is very common for passionate founders to be forced out and a growth only leadership team is installed. Loyalty over competence becomes the standard as they enlist other like minded individuals to build their team. Attempting to survive on a mask of security acquisitions but recognized by the trail of failed startups.

The Quality leadership shortage
Trust building often lands in the hands of someone that is resource challenged and only able to focus on the short term solutions.
JAN 2021
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Our lecture discussions review existing leadership teams, those they strategic enlist and their motives. By illustrating the difference between growth and quality it is clear who is doing the right thing. Comparing trusted professionals such as Chris Krebs and Alexander Vindon with others in trusted positions we can identify desirable traits.
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The latest breach has nothing to do with security and everything do with failed leadership. This one has all the historical markings of Enron, Yahoo, Sony and Equifax.
An industry altering breach has just occurred and will test reputations and give us an up close look at trusted companies. The trust arena has just a 20% success rate with products, services and platforms.
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Landing on the right side of history has very little to do with products. It was always about people doing the right thing.
In the matter of privacy
Quality v. Growth
Apple and Facebook. Two very different historical approaches to trust and data protection from design to privacy support costs. Both have a very interesting history with regard to leadership and quality. Apple’s history of quality shows in their product sustainability and data protection. Facebook’s documented history explains the attacks on privacy and demonstrates their data protection motives.
Certain companies will always have a unique view of data protection. Trusted professionals that are passionate will always be limited by their integrity. Data addicted, quality absent businesses will always have a shortage of trusted professionals. Avoid burnout with these recon techniques and ID quality environments.
Lecture: Reconnaissance
Quality Balance
Lecture: Leadership
Trust with a side of History

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Big audit over reaching with security features and technology and security vendors trying to force fit privacy, risk and compliance. We even have staffing and tax firms talking the talk but unable to walk the walk. Information brokers amplify misinformation to drive ad revenue. 2021 starts with media litigation centered on misinformation. This promises to be a historic year for accountability.
The majority of vendors can only offer pieces. Even well known vendors try piece together solutions that can be confusing and cause team frustration.
New to security or just need an understanding of the ever changing landscape.
Through our lecture and chalk talk series we review the techniques to identify and avoid misdirection. Bits & Pieces of trust create a convoluted nest of costly one-off compliance initiatives and rouge security projects. Confusion and team frustration creates a high risk reputation and establishes a culture of mistrust.
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